Bonaventure – you just have to see it!

So I did a tour of Bonaventure Cemetery expecting it to be much like any other cemetery I’d been to. I have to admit, I was just amazed! It was absolutely beautiful, it a creepy haunting, I’m never going there after sunset kinda way.

The tour guide we had, Shannon Scott, was fantastic and I just wouldn’t go to the cemetery without the tour guide after this experience. The first few photos are just scenic photos, the last photos come with stories courtesy of google  (because I can’t remember the detail from the tour!).



Little Gracie

J. Walz was a sculptor in the late 1800s. There’s a lot of background on his story that I can’t seem to find on google, however, the reason I’ve taken a photo of this is that he would charge double the amount of the sculpture to have his own personal signature on a monument (see just underneath the left arm on the two angels) and in this site there were three statues all with his original signature ….Very rich people.

Johnny Mercer. The tiny grave is that of his sister who died at three years old. On the marble seat where you can see my shadow is a self portrait of Johnny Mercer that he use to add to his autograph when people asked for it.

Wymberley Jones De Renne – apparently underneath this site is  a chapel and a library. There’s more to the story, but that’s the crux of it.

Conrad Aiken

Poet Conrad Aiken was another born Savannahian, but unlike either Mercer, Aiken’s childhood was fraught with violence and death.

Apparently when they were alive, Aiken and his wife used to have drinks near his parents gravesite which is why they now have a bar as a gravestone (on the right).

There was a suggestion that Harry Potter was based on Aiken’s life due to a connection between his daughter and JK Rowling but I can’t find information about this easily.


Josiah Tatnell “Blood is thicker than water”


Corinne Lawton

There was a suggestion that Corinne died of a broken heart as she was unable to marry the man she loves and that she is faced away from the gates to heaven due to this…..apparently not so true. Regardless, it is a beautiful plot.



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